Alamo Drafthouse PSA

Posted by Jim Flores on Friday, September 14, 2012 · Leave a Comment   

Talking during the movie is rude. Having your entrails eaten by the undead is fitting punishment. So Proof Digital Mediacreated this PSA on behalf of our favorite chain of movie houses, Alamo Drafthouse Theaters. They love movies as much as we do, and we all hate it when talkers ruin the experience.

Her: Aimee Thomas
Him: Ben Wolfe
Doctor Walker: Chris Curl
Alamo T-Shirt Walker: Jennymarie Jemison
Disturbed Suit Walker: Louis Moncivias

Writer/Director: Stephen Mick
Producer: Cliff Wildman
DP: Jim Flores
2nd Unit DP: Luis Caffesse
1st AC: Rocky Conly
Audio/Utility Infielder: Drew Ott
Makeup Effects: Benjamin Ploughman
Assistant Makeup Artists: Jack & Suzanne Cuellar
Behind-The-Scenes Photography: Sly Photography

Editor: Stephen Mick
Colorist: Oscar Oboza
Title Design: Bill Laviolette
Music & Audio Mixing: Arun Venkatesh

Filmed on the RED Epic and Scarlet cameras. Shot on location at Poquito Ranch in Austin, Texas. Special thanks so to Stephen Mick of Proof Digital Media for making this happen.